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The Services we offer includE

Music Home is proud to be the 1’st Musical Institution to be licensed by the Ministry of culture.
At our Institution we offer flexible Short and Long Course, certificate programs, and courses taught by experts.
Our leading Music Institution in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers Beginner, Intermediate, and expert programs that combine focused, individualized training with an innovative curriculum that empowers students to create the future they imagine.
The people who work and teach at Music Home are musicians and music professionals who have spent their lives turning their passion into their career.

They are private and group lessons for all levels through a group of highly experienced teachers who hold advanced degrees in music and great experience, relying on the best internationally accredited educational curricula.

The music diploma program aims to qualify the trainee to work in the field of education, training and music performance

Music Home provides an opportunity for everyone in the community, no matter their experience, to discover the joys of Ballet dance. The Ballet Classes instill confidence and self-awareness that will help anyone achieve their goals and dreams.

Music Home Ballet Dance hall provides exceptional dance training from the ground up for absolute beginners. A love of dance and movement in all its forms is fostered by our stellar instructor who are actively involved in the creative field.

In our meditation sessions, we focus on training awareness, attention, and compassion. In recent years, research has found that meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and concentration, and increase feelings of calm and relaxation.

Bio-well machine
It is a tool for measuring your body balance
The advantages of using it Measures the level of body balance and indicates your “yin and yang” ratio .
It measures the levels of balance and stress for each organ in your body, indicating any deformity or imbalance at the cellular level of the parts of the body.
It also measures the level of stress, anxiety and tension . And finally,it measures your intellectual, physical, and emotional levels.
In the end, a comprehensive and detailed report will be sent to you, 23 pages, according to what was mentioned in your report.

We offers a wide range of artists, musicians and professional music groups in various genres ranging from solo, duet, trio or other for all occasions


The sonic or signature tune is a unique and recognizable audio composition
or sound that is associated with a specific brand or business. It serves as an
audio branding tool, similar to a logo or visual design element, it helps to
create a distinctive identity and enhance brand recall. The sonic tune can be a
jingle, melody, sound effect, or a combination of various musical elements
that are carefully composed to represent the essence and values of the company.
It is typically used in various marketing and advertising materials, such
as commercials, radio or TV spots, phone waiting music, or even as hold
music. Key aspects of the sonic:, Brand Identity – Emotional Connection –
Memorability – Differentiation – Consistency – Adaptability – Global Appeal.

the process of creating and recording music, with the aim of producing a final
product that can be released to the public. It involves a combination of technical
and creative skills to achieve the desired sound and quality. One of the key
roles in music production is that of a producer, who oversees the entire
process and helps shape the artist’s vision.

Soundtracks for movies play a crucial role in enhancing the overall cinematic
experience. They are composed of a collection of songs, instrumentals, or
musical cues that accompany different scenes and evoke specific emotions.
Key aspects of making a soundtrack, Composition – Setting the Tone –
Supporting Narrative – Enhancing Action and Drama – Title Songs track.

We have a wide group of bands/musicians locally and from all over the world
that we work with for private events and projects.

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