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Music Diploma, a musical journey that take you to the future

Music Diploma, a musical journey that take you to the future

The future demands a musician! Start your music diploma journey with specialized and professional professors who hold doctorates and masters in music. The program ends with an accredited certificate.

The music diploma program aims to qualify the trainee to work in the field of education, training and music performance

Detailed objectives of the program:

Read the language of music

Ability to perform individually and collectively

Performing musical or singing pieces on a musical instrument

Carrying out musical education and training tasks in schools, institutes and music training centres

Number of credit hours for the program: 68 hours

Program duration: two years

Start date: September 2023

Teachers: Specialized and professional teachers who hold master’s and doctoral degrees in music

Number of semesters: 9 divided semesters, two months for each semester

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