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The press conference for the first music diploma in the Kingdom

The press conference for the first music diploma in the Kingdom

The Music Home Institute announced the launch of the first music diploma in the Kingdom by the Ministry of Culture, in the presence of a large number of media professionals, journalists, artists, musicians, and those interested in cultural and artistic affairs.

The press conference held on this occasion witnessed a detailed explanation of the program, its courses, specializations and outcomes, and the institute’s professors and students also presented a number of live musical performances.

The Executive Director of the Music Home Institute, Moataz Al-Shabanah, explained that the diploma program offered by the Institute will begin as of the current academic year, September 2023-2024, and will continue for two years. It is the first in the Kingdom, and represents a qualitative step in the field of music education locally, indicating that the program A bright beginning for developing music in Saudi Arabia, spreading awareness of its importance and its positive impact on society and improving the quality of life, in line with the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Al-Shabana said, “The institute is considered the first of its kind for teaching music, as it provided achievements efforts with a pioneering vision in promoting musical culture, and was able to achieve tangible achievements in the field of music development and teaching, such as: training and qualifying the Saudi National Band and the National Choir to represent the Kingdom in national and international forums, and presenting a group. A large number of talents, artists, musicians and bands, which contributed to winning the Cultural Institutions Award within the National Cultural Awards Initiative from the Ministry of Culture.”

Al-Shabana added that the institute is keeping pace with the direction of the nation’s future vision in paying attention to teaching music in schools, which requires the presence of large numbers of music teachers. He continued, “The institute contributed to preparing content and an illustrated curriculum for the subject of musical culture for secondary school students and including it on the Madrasati platform, and developing legislation related to licenses.” Music centers and institutes in the Kingdom, as well as preparing the first academic program (the development course) and other training courses ending with certificates accredited by the Ministry of Culture and the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, in addition to managing and teaching music in schools and universities, and there is a project to teach music in private and international schools.”

For his part, the partner and founder of the institute, Dr. Ayman Tayseer, confirmed that the establishment of the Music Home Institute in Riyadh and Jeddah came in response to the growing demand for studying music in the Kingdom, by providing a wide range of academic, development and rehabilitation music courses and programs for the sons and daughters of the country, which contributes to spreading the culture of music. Music education locally, especially in light of the work to expand the establishment of new branches in a number of cities and regions, and the comprehensive renaissance that the Kingdom is experiencing under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his faithful Crown Prince.

He explained that the institute includes an elite group of faculty members who hold advanced degrees in music from various countries of the world, who will provide the best academic teaching methods under tight academic supervision that guarantees clear outcomes within the best internationally approved standards, indicating that the diploma program attracts large numbers of those wishing to qualify. Their musical talents to work in the field of education, training, and musical performance. It also aims to give them the ability to read the language of music, perform individually and collectively, perform musical pieces on various musical instruments, and sing.

Professor Ayman Tayseer pointed out that the music diploma program includes two tracks: Music education and music performance, which qualify graduates to work as music teachers in schools or as professional musicians or singers in musical bands. It includes a diverse study plan between theoretical and practical subjects, with major musical instruments allocated for study; Such as piano, violin, oud, qanun, guitar, and singing

He stated that the institute teaches music within programs that end with accredited academic certificates and is compatible with the best international educational curricula, trains and qualifies musical ensembles and manages them, and provides musical consultations, in addition to holding musical events and performances, creating a vocal identity, preparing training packages, as well as offering free music courses.

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